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Come along with Banjo as he finds a small chameleon who lost her colors after eating too much ice cream, and follow all the funny ways he tries to restore her colors. Can Banjo paint her with color, or must he be more resourceful? Maybe he needs to use a little gorilla magic! Will she ever be a colorful chameleon again?

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About Me

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Banjo is the biggest gorilla in the jungle and although he may look mean and scary, he’s actually the sweetest gorilla and adored by all the jungle animals. He spends his days helping his animal friends sort out their bizarre and funny situations.

Banjo's Mission

Just as Banjo is dedicated to helping his animal friends, we feel a passion and an obligation to do the same. A portion of our profits from Banjo the Gorilla will be donated to wildlife rescue, care, and welfare organizations.

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History of Banjo
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